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What is SEO ?

Search Engine optimization is a online marketing method to improve the position of website in search engines.

SEO is considered as one the most common marketing strategy used by digital marketers on web. The major benefit of SEO is we can generate visitors to our site who are really interested in product or service.

Over the past few years search optimization has been more complicated with new updates from search engines.

To understand how SEO is implemented we need to understand how Search engines works.

How Search Engine Works

As defined in above infographic, every search engine need 3 major components to work.

Crawler : To collect websites from Internet
Indexer : To categorize and filter the data downloaded from the Internet
Search Interface: Where users can perform queries and see the results Algorithms to filter the results, GOOGLE uses patented algorithms to rank a page


How does Search Engines Rank a page ?

Every search engine ranks a page based on various metrics like quality of content, keywords used in various tags, overall density of keywords, number of recommendations etc. If we consider Google, it uses more than 200+ factors to rank a page. Which includes quality of content, user location, keyword usage, Page Rank, Domain Trust etc.

So Search Engine Optimization is a strategy to implement the changes which are crucial in ranking, but without violating the guidelines of search engines.


Do Professional SEO Training in Hyderabad

SEO Training in Hyderabad
seo training in hyderabad

SEO is process of optimizing the website as per the guidelines of search engines to rank better on search engines. A website can rank better based on various factors which is the measure of the quality of site as per the search engines.

For example Google Search uses more than 200 factors to measure the value of webpage.

It is very crucial to understand the ranking factors, create high quality content and algorithms as this can directly impact the ability of the site to rank.

What is the process of SEO ?

Many SEO professionals use different strategies based on the business requirements, language and geographic location. In general SEO consist of following steps which are mandatory for any project.

1. Business Analysis to understand the client requirements
2. Finding the best suitable keywords for website
3. Analysis of competitors based on business and geographic location
4. Making changes to website to improve seo factors and better user experience
5. Content strategy for creating high quality content
6. Generating links from relevant high quality website
7. Improving the visibility of the site in social networks
8. Analyzing the reports and taking necessary steps for further improvements


Why join our SEO Course in Hyderabad ?

The major purpose of seo training is to provide in depth understanding of the search engines, best practices and various algorithmic changes made which impact search rankings. Due to constantly changing algorithms and factors we need to understand the changes and update the projects accordingly. We ensure you that we teach in depth knowledge of seo in a clear and concise way,which helps take action based on proper guidelines and methodologies.

Our SEO Training Syllabus

  • Search Engines and Ranking Methodologies
  • Process of Business
  • Analysis and Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis of business
  • Changing the Site
  • Design/content as per Guidelines
  • Techniques to avoid in On page Optimization
  • Building the high quality links
  • Improving social relevance
  • Analyzing the website reports
  • Measuring the ROI of the SEO Campaign